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Contact us

We are glad to answer to any concerns, comments or questions that you may ask and provide support.

All support is carried out via e-mail only. We do not have a telephone technical support service at present.

Before you write to us, please make sure that your problem can't be solved in the FAQ.
We will reply you within 1-2 business days.

Unfortunately some messages may be rejected by mail servers as spam or as ones which contain viruses. So, in this respect we would like to kindly ask you to duplicate your message with an alternative email address, if you haven't received a reply within 48 hours in order to make sure that your messages reach us.

Business Issue

For business questions, please email to webmaster[at]aoamedia.com.
Technical Support
If you have any problems or questions about using our products, please email to support[at]aoamedia.com or aoamedia[at]gmail.com .
Purchase Problem

If you have problems or questions about ordering our products, please email to sales[at]aoamedia.com or call our e-commerce provider Swreg.

Please note the phone number is only for ordering. If you have technical problems about our products, please email to support[at]aoamedia.com or aoamedia[at]gmail.com

If you are in one of the following countries please phone one of these Toll Free numbers otherwise please phone to +44 1159 54111

1 866 500 6750

+44 1159 541112 *
1800 069620
866 723 3439
0800 1808206
1800 509145
801 781702
0800 0232865
New Zealand
0508 555200
800 10772
800 844031
900 95 8969
0207 94125
0800 835140


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