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Mark, US
I was asked to make a backup copy of a DVD that was in some rather odd format, (possibly European?) and several products could not even recognize the DVD, let alone read it. Even windows xp would not see it as a legitimize DVD. But DVD-copy read it no problem at all! thank you!

Jim, UK
Happy Customer
I just purchased AoA DVD copy after trying it out and I'm impressed. It's simple and efective. I previously used Nero, a far more complicated and restrictive piece of software, Nero is now being removed from my hard drive
to be used no more.

This dvd copy is probably currently the best of its kind on the market. It is simplistic, reliable and has many features.Great price for quality!

Jeff, US
Your product is indeed a GREAT one and I WILL BE purchasing it now that I have seen it work. Your customer service response time and thorough walk through step suggestions offered in your response show that your service is unrivaled by your competitors and I thank you.

Dick - Lake Elsinore California
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a wonderful product. I have used it many, many times and each time I use, I find it totally unbelieveable how quick it is to use, how easy it is to record movies, and your
technical support staff was "Johnny on the Spot" with an issue I had once, but, you guys came to the rescue.
Thank you for making copies of DVD's so easy and affordable. $39.95? Absolutely a terrifc price for an even more terrific product. Kudo's to you and your staff from a very, very happy customer. I am going to
spread the word amongst my friends......keep up the gret job!!!!!

Eldon M, US
Absolutely fantastic! So easy to use, no previous experience necessary. I am not able to back up all my videos. Many of them have been transferred from old movies to VHS then to DVD. Once again, thanks you for providing an opportunity to trial the software before buying. The service to me was excellent.

Monty G, US
Ain't it a shame that other companies don't have customer service like you all do?! I've never seen anything like it! WOW! :)

Charlie F, US
This product is the easiest and fastest way to backup your DVD library to other DVD's or just to your hard drive. You can select the entire DVD or just the main movie with the corresponding language and subtitles!!! It makes it so easy, my 7 year old son could copy his "Madagascar" DVD to the hard drive!!!

The customer support team are extremely helpful, timely, and courteous as they helped me out of a jam with licensing in less than 24 hours!!! Great customer service does exist and AoA Media has one of the best. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Eric B, US
I'm not very computer literate in this category of copying DVD's and this program is very easy to use. I copied a few DVDs and it took about 35 minutes from start to finish for each DVD. I played them on my new HP computer that has the newest DVD+/-R and also in our DVD player in the family room (which is very tempermental) and they work there too. I'm very impressed and will definitely be buying this software.

Wendell M, US
I've always wanted a program to back up my DVDs, and this proved to be a simple yet effective program.

Does exactly what it says with a decent trial, not like others 10 mins/50% etc.
Rip and burn in three clicks. A monkey could do it. Full marks!!!

Scott K, US
Just wanted to say thank you for the refund on the accidental purchases that I made. It's nice to know that there are still some honest businesses online. Will highly recommend this site to others, and would purchase anything from this company again. Thanks again.

the best among all.
Most reliable

Allen D, Canada
Really good price comparing to other DVD software which do the same thing.

Carsten E, Denmark
Have been a registered user for a while. From all the DVD copy software I tried, this is the only one that did not give me trouble using the DVD copy on my dvd player.

Svein B, Norway
Ease of use, great UI, price. Much better than the competition on these considerations.

Robert K, UK
I need to back-up all my DVDs since my roommate scratches them all up. The trial version was excellent. Quick and quality produce.

Gilberto N, Mexico
Need a better way to organize my DVD home videos. Nero is not good. Tried to be simple. Ended up being frustrating.





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